Wednesday, June 10, 2009

International Understanding Night 2009


yeah, that's our theme for I.U NIGHT 2009.

And i was in charge of the backdrop.
together with Evie (leader), Chi Yang and Ah Tong!!

And this was the result :

*The sweats and tears of evie, chi yang, yan tong and mine*
Owwhhh, how lovely and awesome to all hall deco team!

The dragon still can shimmer and bling bling when the lights are turned off!
Like that not awesome meh? hahahaha!

Before that, we were still very worried that the dragon will not look like a dragon.
hahaha..but no! it definitely looks like and is a dragon alright!
not sort of rooster, mouse or phoenix. lols

From left : Chew, Yan Tong, Chi Yang, me, Evie & Karen

Bravo to allllll of us! *cheese =D



And our dress code for that night is black or white dress.
So i decided to choose white.
Actually not that i chose, is...kinda my sis had a white dress.
And i was just back from singapore, 5pm reached bp.
Actually, all i.u committees have to reach there at 5pm, but i have to be late.
which i always am!! sighhh...
i forever can't be punctual *sobs

Put on my dress, tie up my hair, put light make up on cheeks and hops into car.

and tadah! i reached there around 6pm.

Overall, the crowd can be considered large, performances were great and
the backdrop was awesome! hahaha...

OK. nth much to say ady.
Pictures shall do the talking.

Evie and me (:

Yan Tong (:

ZhengShen (:

Li En (:

Joe Pua (:

Danny Ong (:

I.U Committees 2009
(grabbed from eVie's blog paiseh ya)
credits to Evie

And Ah Yang's birthday was the next day, we celebrated his bday that night~

*p/s : I'm having trouble getting pictures. hahah
***p/s/p/s : Please tell me if u have photos that have me in it!! thanksss alot! =D


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