Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Kai!

Hey, i'm back from singapore.
My weekend was real busy for this first week of holiday..
Thursday went down to S'pore, then Friday evening back to BP,
Saturday morning went back to SG, now Sunday night back to BP.
for the sake of I.U night, as it's my last year as I.U Committee.
Most importantly, i wanted to view my backdrop in action, which
me, Evie, Chi Yang, Yan Tong and others worked real hard for it.
And i'm really glad that our backdrop is unexpectedly NICE =D
i feeeeeeeeeeel goooooood!

Ok, will blog bout I.U in the next post, or maybe till
i got the pictures =D.

Went S'pore and met my vy cute cousin, Baby Kai!!

but i don really noe if he's my cousin,
To be exact,
he's my grandmother's younger sister's daughter's son.
So we're kinda at the same level.

Whatever, he's cute and I love him to bits!!

He knows what is tiger, giraffe, mouse etc.etc,and 123, and alphabets.
He's only 1 yr old!


ABEL said...

haha busy life for busy ppl^^
i feel goooood,soooo goooood haha
cousin and brother not same level meh?

Fiona Liang said...

hahaha. no, not the same. XD one is cousin one is brother mahh xD

ABEL said...

huh?i m confused mian~
cousin is ur relative's son
and brother is ur dad n mum's son izit?
argh....i m stupid mian haha

Fiona Liang said... i'm confused lah =.=