Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sense of disappointment and at the same time contented

States public speaking is over alright.
And haha...i did not get anything. *sighs
Totally hate the feeling of disappointment

*Corrections for the post dated 13th June 2009, to be exact, I do not like public speaking competitions, not really dislike PS. It's the competing with others that I really dislike.

Really don't like competitions, they often gave me those sudden disappointments of hopes
Well, at least I do not have a high hope for PS. But then.. it's still there. *sighs
This is the first time I manage to enter states level and also the last time.
But one thing i'm proud of myself is that, hahaha, during my prepared speech, most of the audiences, yeah i mean most of them, actually LAUGHED :D
ooooh I actually managed to humour them hehehe *happy
Anyway, it's a worthwhile experience for me

It's time to concentrate in my studies!!!
and oh well, Interact.

And whoah, all the contestants were Indians, and I was the only...em Chinese.

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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