Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The very first time I was caned in my entire school life

Twenty 5Dahlia students,
who are presumed as 'good' girls,
were caned by our GPK Kokurikulum.
And yeah, including me, a very good girl hor. hahahaha..
Ok, not really. hehe

But then that's not the point, reason we were caned?
Did not hand in our BM transcription

But after some thoughtful thinking, actually that was not ENTIRELY our fault!
Since MORE THAN HALF of 5D students did not hand in (we did not pakat), so what does that mean? Teachers are in the fault too, right?
This is not like the first time I did not pass up, I'd forgotten for how many weeks I did not.
When I brought my book and wanted to pass up, the teacher did not call to hand in.
So, after so long ady, eventually we students also didn't bring lor.


Thou it's just caning our palm, and no serious injuries, just felt numb for that very few minutes, not seconds.hahaha...

Trying to ambil kesempatan when all the pentadbirs were not around. hiaks :p

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥


fish said...

i just got caned myself and wonder about others', and found this post. haha

Fiona Liang said...

hahaha Hi Fish!