Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunway College - Seminar

Today was supposed to be like a normal school day, em a kelas ganti.
When we were told yesterday that we have to go to Katerina Hotel for some kind of seminar for SPM today, we were not a bit of excited lor.

"Sigh, another boring and sien seminar, again ahhhhh."

But ahahaha, luckily we were wrong. The seminar today was fun!! :D
It's actually a seminar by Sunway College.
The speaker, Ms Jessica talked on studying skills, then some personality tests, thou those tests did not really reflect the real me. Or maybe it was just me, did not have a definite goal in life YET , but SOON i hope ;p

Oh yeah there's one thing. One of the test, urmmmmm forgotten the name. And the result was that I have 'time scheduling' problem. Oh it's true!
Draw a timetable? I think I could only follow for half a day. hee

Ms Jessica. dancing time
"Reach for the stars!"

No people came today :(

Aha! It's recess time actually. lalalalaa~

Ummm aren't these pictures boring?

To enlighten you,
below are better ones..hahaha!

with BFF yoohoo

I look like I was biting a hotdog. bwahaha

And today took a stream of photos with Jia Xin.
A good pro ballet dancer :)
But I shall only post one. aha

Hey, lastly this motivasi actually do motivate me a bit! :D


Actually Dad bringing us to Genting tomorrow, but mum said H1N1 very dangerous.
Plan cancelled. T_________T
But going KL tomorrow. HAHAHAHA

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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