Sunday, July 5, 2009

EIP Centre | Ice Age 3


Interact Club of Convent conjoined with TIGS
to organise a visit to EIP (Early Intervention Programme) Centre.

We sang songs and played games with the children there :D
Very very fun!!! hahaha

in order to protect their identity :)

And one funny thing right, a few of the children there, made fun of me!!
They point towards my teeth (with braces) and LAUGH!

And my friend told them that,
"This Jie Jieh ate too many sweets last time, that's why her teeth became like that. All rotten ady. So, you all don eat so many sweets ya."

Me, "......"

They were laughing at me, and seem really happy. And we laughed together with them. Hahaha, really happy to see them happy :D

I guess I will visit them again the next holiday :)

After EIP, we decided to go for Transformer, since there were so many positive reviews about that movie. Hahaha, and Felicia, who had watched the show, ensured us it was really a good movie and fetched us to Square One, to accompany us watch for the second time.

This is what happened to Fel's Dad's car's backseat window
after I heard a 'top' sound. A stone I guess.

In the end, we watched Ice Age 3 because Transformer's showtime was too late.

Not too bad either. Funny cute and good for killing time
And I love baby elephant! hahaha!

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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