Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Activity : Recycling Activity at Tsi Chih


We (Interact Club of Convent BP) have this Recycling activity at Tsi Chih every first Sunday every month. And this Sunday's recycling activity will be the last activity for the Board of Directors of 2008/2009.

And again, disappointment surrounded me today. AGAIN. aiks

A week before this, I had already asked the Seargent-at-arm to remind every form 5 about today's activity. Form 4 I leave it to Jing Yi. Last Friday I reminded her(SAA) again. And she ensured me that she remembered. Okay, Saturday night, feeling worried, sms-ed everybody again to remind them to go for this activity since it's our last. Ha-ha, guess what I got?
Again...a stream of apologizing messages.
All Form5 said they did not receive any messages from the SAA.
Oh. Again empty promises. Again. Irresponsibility. Again again and again.
All Miss Cheah's advice during that day's meeting all vanished into thin air.

For those who did not go today, I am not angry and I am not reprimanding you all. Seriously.
I am just...disappointed. Do you know that kind of feeling? After trying so hard just to get you all there to do some social work, some good deeds, just for the last time, since the previous months also you all never went, only 1 or 3 went, but failed once again.

I am really very envious of those schools that can have all interactors together to organise an activity. For instance, the EIP activity. They can have 25 people going, and we? 9 people. Kinda disappointed leh.

For those who did not take part in those activities, I do not blame you all. Because you've nothing wrong. Seriously nothing wrong. Because these are all voluntarily. Told you ady, just disappointed! hahaha..

Those who took part, bravo and congrats, you will be blessed i'm sure :)

Anyway, had fun today. A very good day, RAINY DAY! So it's cool and no sweating all over. haha

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★♂ZIXUAN LOVEY,子轩♀☆ said...

tine pass through so fast..last year we will the incoming board of the key offier and director..but now is turn us to retired ald..haha..
the club let us got so many memory to rmb sweetful..
anyways good luck to u...spm and trial is coming soon..good luck to u...

Fiona Liang said...

yeah real fast lorrr. hahaha
yeah, both bitter and sweet memories...
thankssss alot, same to you ya!