Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's July now.

It's July now.
Time's seriously running out.
Trial is coming and eventually omg ES-PEE-EM.
How come I'm still not feeling anxious?!
Where's the stress that is supposed to be in me now?
I seriously totally need to buck up.
I'm still occupying my time with Interact and other school stuff
I thought by this time all these are supposed to end??
Okay, maybe I procrastinated tooo much.

p/s : More alike posts coming up. I'm trying to remind myself as frequent as possible!

And PPSMI revert to Bahasa?
Oh sorry, I know I change topic suddenly, but then it's okay I guess?
I'm feeling like @!#$#%^!#!%
I can't believe they will make such a "brilliant" deicision after much discussions.
Why does our Government prefer to go backward rather than improving?
Mothertonguemothertonguemothertongue is all they talk about.
And nowadays I feel like I love twittering more than blogging!! ;)
Oh I changed topic again.

Good night readers!

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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