Friday, July 24, 2009

REPLY to LJ's current post

This post is mainly a reply to LJ's blog post.
FYI click here.

First of all, I agree with what she wrote :
Our class seats are full of mosquitoes. *grrrr
(and bees too but the focus today shall be on mosquitoes only)

FYI again, LJ and I sit next to each other in class.

I have to agree with her again that, only our place is the favourite site of mosquitoes.
WHY? Most of the time, for where I am, sure there will be mosquitoes.
Again, WHY?
Sigh, I don't know. I've been asking myself that question repeatedly already.
Bitten by mosquitoes from chemistry lab to class and back to home.
Not less than 15 bites a morning! *sien
MERCILESS MONSQUITOES (read: monsters + mosquitoes) !! *aiks aiks

And that day I asked my Biology teacher,
"Sir, what type of blood is the mosquitoes' favourite?"
And he told me mosquitoes love sucking animals' blood.

Oh, so that made me an animal, no? I'm a mammal, hmm, that's an animal too,
but teacher's 'animal' most probably refers to the animalia, not homo sapiens.

Back to that, therefore, I have to always carry around a Mopiko in my over-sized pencil case,
or I had already died of itchiness!
I'm not kidding lor xD
And hence, that made me mopiko liang *embarrassed

And and I have to complain a bit here
During english class, while writing essay, I seriously can't concentrate with mosquitoes tickling my legs and sucking my blood every now and then. And I have no choice but to stamp my feet repeatedly.
Hahahaha, sorry lor, disrupt the peacefulness of our class (which is very very rare) XD
But hello? Try and be me, surrounded by monsquitoes every moment?
Frustrated right, no?!
Mopiko also can't help that time.

And the very MERCILESS WI LIAN (who sits in front of me) turned back and randomly drew a line on my leg.
And again, I disrupted the class' silence
I have high-pitched voice i don't know whyyyyyyyyyyyy

Then after my blood has all been sucked out, the still-very-desperate mosquitoes went to LJ.
Aww, poor girl.
Her turn to stamp her feet.

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