Thursday, July 23, 2009


I used to roll my eyes when my sister reminds me bout SPM.
left 120 days to go, if I'm not wrong.
It's gonna be here.
But, I'm still not yet tension.
And that's the BIGGEST problem I'm having.
Sigh nevermind. It will come sooon I hope.

And today in school we have Majilis Pelancaran Mercu Gemilang
And me being the 'fortunate' one, was chosen.
which means, more homework more assignments more deadlines to meet!!!
But then it's beneficial for me thou
Or I forever won't get fully prepared till last minute

And recently I realised that going to school is sadly,
a waste of time.
Only in form five I ever felt this way.
Many teachers teaching our class chided us for not paying attention during their lessons.
But sometimes, I(we) really wanted to try to pay attention.
But, sigh, you made us reallllly can't get into what you are teaching.
I guess sometimes self-study is better though, i mean for certain subjects,
not all teachers of mine are like that.

For this year, I skipped school for the
most number of the days I'm in SMK CONVENT BP.
Every year, since form 2 I badly wanted the Sijil 100% Kehadiran,
and every year, I will have to tell myself, I still have a chance next year.
But then, form 5, last year in school, STILL CAN'T MANAGE TO GET one.
Duh duh
Nvm, wait for next year lor!
Dream on fiona!!

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