Wednesday, July 22, 2009

22nd July 2009

Nice weather today, since yesterday night,
the loud pouring of the rain is the nicest rhythm for me to sleep in :)
But then, Lion kept barking, probably terrified of the strong blowing wind
Disrupted my nice sleeeeeeep
Polluted the rhythm of the falling rain -_-
Disturbed my whole nice raining night *roll eyes
Sigh, coward Lion, fancy him still calling himself Lion *roll eyes
Okay, it's me who named him that ;)

22nd of July, aiks, I dunno why I keep writing July as August
not just typing here, while doing school work too.
Don't know why I keep having the feeling that it's August now

Back to 22nd of July, (finally got it rightttt)
yeah! Solar eclipse!
But too bad, thunderstorm.
Johor is only able to witness about five percent of the phenemenon.
Sigh, FIVE percent ONLY !
I don't think I'll be able to live that long to witness another solar eclipse *sad

And last but definitely NOT LEAST,

22nd of July?


Thought of who???????



Well, the unforgettable,


Wow, still barney.
17 ady hor, don't act cute ady hor.

Owh! I like forgotten about...

this :

Hey, I was still 14 when I took this!

Enjoy ur big day! :)

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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