Friday, August 21, 2009


I totally feel like sheet. This is so insane. I thought that after slogging out my guts for one whole year, I get to relax after becoming one of the outgoing. Never did I ever expect that, dramas did not end yet. There are really so many stupid things in my head now that I do not know where to start from. I did not intend to write here as I have been told not to, but there are still things that I saw and I can't stand it any longer. I'm just ranting and offenses not intended. I need somewhere to express and it's here. Anyway, I'm really so depressed these few days. All these are just so saddening, shocking and disappointing. There is really no point for us to wreck your project. I seriously don't see the need for us to do so. And I never used anybody to control anything or whatsoever. I never intended and would never want to control, don't forget, we did these projects before you did them, I never wish to control all these again, and I just want to concentrate in my studies. I'm at the same time happy for you all for your success. We never once thought we will ever look down on you. Why do we want to look down on you'all? Are we so evil and heartless? If yes, please at least justify when did we ever treat you'all bad? Even if you have problems, I'm always ready to contribute morally or financially. And I've proven that. But you don't seem to notice that, and you chose to create an ugly side of us. I really don't understand what's the purpose of you'all doing and saying that. I really don't understand. And I'm still in a shocked condition now. YT, I gave you my trust, but at last, you did not trust us, I couldn't blame you I know, because you're in a difficult position too. But I really wonder why you're in such difficult position. Why can't everyone just be in harmony? Why can't we stand at the same line? Why do we have to differentiate each other? Everything is just so grotesque. I'm really disappointed that all the help we offer, concerns and encouragement are all misunderstood by you'all. What we get back is just INSULTS. Do you know how's the feelings? No? I think we created history again. zzz

I just want to say everything we did, every advice we gave, every single word we spill is for your benefit thou, that's common sense, which every senior does, no matter how long she has left the club,what's more we're the immediate. I'm not trying to sound noble, but these are the very sincere words from me and I really hope you'all will understand. Stop all these insults and humiliations. A long way more to go. All the best!

(translated from wi lian's blog)


The meaning of trust used to be so simple.
I don't think I can easily trust anyone anymore.
Sometimes, our concern towards others
may be rejected.
Sometimes, our kindness towards others
may be misunderstood.
the trust between human beings need to have some kinda horizon.
I'm really disappointed.

p/s : If I had offended anyone here, I apologize, no bad intention, again.

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J V L Y N said...

Cheer up. you know you din't do then can ard lar.
Concentrate on trial and SPM.
Another four months to go.
Jia You!! =DD