Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trials coming!

p/s : Updates on sejarah jokes.

I've nothing to blogggggg about!
I've been staying at home this holiday. Awh
No movies no apa-apa! :(
For one, H1N1, hmmm avoid cinema, though I'm really craving for the movie UP!
So cute the characters in the movie *aww*
I hate wearing masks, very suffocating, hahaha, I think I had never worn a mask since the H1N1 flu SARS outbreak. hehehe =x

Second, TRIALS are coming!
FYI, the mock SPM exam will start next week, 2nd September 2009 *shudders*
The thought of it is scary enough already
How can it be next week huh?
I'm so sure the last time I counted was like another 90 days!
For SPM-ers, GOOD LUCK in trials!!

By the way, I came across my sister's community posting in Sibu.
She was sent to some kinda pedalaman area, which I think is really cool.

With the caption : Future Malaysian diver

The kids there seem to enjoy every little of happiness. They never grumbled about their poor life neither the lack of facilities.
Now I feel ashamed to grumble that the swimming pools in BP are so-not-fun. hehehe =x
I need to be thankful with what I have and never take things for granted.

The Sister with fellow kids! See how cuteeeee is the baby!!

Next holiday Ima totally going to Kuching to find The Sister!!
I miss the food there, especially the
what? noodles, forgotten the name! =.=

Okayy, I hafta stardyyyyyyy already! :(((((
No more procrastination pleaseeeeeeeeeeee*
Shall start with Sejarah, now only realized I'm so left out in History, aiks. I thought just a few topics that I yet to study. BUT to my DISBELIEF, soooooo many blank topics, and the previous ones are like so fresh to me. *BIG sigh

Oh yeah, in Essay Question (i mean in Sejarah paper 2), IF the exam question goes like this :
Bincangkan faktor-faktor kebangkitan nasionalisme di Asia Tenggara.
Then what you have to do is, pull a chair and sit next to a friend nearest to you in the examination hall, and start discussing with her on the topic. The pengawas can't do anything to you, you're not wrong, the question says BINCANGKAN! Where got sane people discuss things among his/herself one, right?!
Terangkan kesan-kesan Perang Dunia Kedua.
Then, raise your hand, and request to the pengawas to switch on the lights if it's not on. Your job is done, cuz the question asked you to hmm.. brighten it. =.=
Huraikan perjuangan nasionalisme di Asia Tenggara.
Take the question paper, and tear it. Yes, tear it. It asked you to huraikan, which means to like tear it apart into small fragments. 100 marks for ya.
Jelaskan sumbangan Tamadun Indus.
Just write in the answer booklet : "Saya tidak ada berhutang kepada mana-mana pihak, oleh itu, saya tidak perlu menjelaskan apa-apa. Terima kasih."
There's always this sentence at the lowermost part of the question paper :
Lihat Sebelah
You can look at your friends who are sitting next to you in the examination hall. Not wrong at all, you're asked to do so, lihat sebelah. If you're caught cheating, just tell the pengawas, I'm not cheating, I'm just... lihat-ing sebelah. *cough

OK, these are lame =.=
Told by a Penceramah that came to our school to give a talk on Sejarah
during "Bijak Jawab SPM"
Of course these are not the 'Tips Bijak Menjawab Soalan SPM' lah
There's still a lot of these lame joke, but I can't remember so much-lah.
But the talk really made us all laugh till like
That was the first time where I saw everybody, yes everybody is quiet and concentrate on a talk!

Okay, I seriously hafta study liao :(

*reluctant face

Chiao !

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥


J V L Y N said...

LOL! ur face so qian da.
anyways, good luck!
and, please wear a mask.
and that ceramah thingy is so freaking funny.
shud add tat lihat sebelah and jelaskan. xD

amnhsykrh said...

Haha I love the Sejarah jokes! :DD

Fiona Liang said...

JVLYN : hahaha oh yeah hor, okay, thanks for reminding lian2 xDDD *sudden possessed by Fel*

AMNH : HEHEHE. updates!

Eug3n3 said...

LOLS..love that reluctant face xp~

Fiona Liang said...

Eugene, malu-lah >< haha