Sunday, August 2, 2009

I earned 5 bucks!

In total : RM 5.00 !!
This is the reward I got from Mr. Siew Diow Sze for doing well in my add maths paper
*laugh out loudly

Don't show me those alah-just-5ringgit-only look okay.

Though it's just 5 dollars, but I can get 5 nice bowls of noodle soup from school canteen d! can satisfy my hunger for one week of school days luuuu.

*walks away with nose high up in the air

HAHAHA anyway just kidding.

FYI, Mr. Siew is the most patient, most gentleman and most forever-happy teacher in Convent BP. He would never lose his temper, he would never get tired repeating the same thing for even the 101th time and he would never not smile. Sighs such good man, but sometimes his patience made me really unbearable =x But then recently there are minor volcanic eruptions in Mr. Siew. Hahaha, but it's okay, he will still smile the second after he lost his lil temper. Sigh poor thing you have to deal with students like us. hee

p/s : To avoid further misunderstanding, let me clarify a bit, hahaha. In the entire post up there, I never once said I like him. And he's not totally a good teacher, but still quite a good teacher, a man who has GREAT PATIENCE until a very untolerable limit! hahaha

p/s/p/s : Wow, in the next class, he once throw their things into the dustbin! Hmmmmmm...I dunno what to say about him ady. Weird teacher or super students? Haha!

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥


Anonymous said...

Just slurping!

Eug3n3 said...

I love this new Juicy Look. Fresh =)

Fiona Liang said...

Thanks, Eugene! =D