Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random 4

Oooooh I'm so nervous I'm having a practical test tomorrow!

Warning : Below is an obscene picture. STRICTLY for 18 and above ONLY.

Sperms proudly drew by LuJing.

She was so bored that she drew those things on the back page of my Maths test answer sheet.
How dirty-minded is that?
Sperms with smiling face, so happy and elated like they have just found the right ovum.
Oh, science student?
But then, Maths period thinking of Biology? So kan lek?
Okay, you're forgiven.
But still...*cough
A friendly reminder for LJ : Next time please draw on your own paper. I still need mine ;)

By the way, I suck at English Literature! T______________T
Today got back my english paper and I was soooo depressed. T______________T
Hmm, not really depressed, sad.
I got such a lousy result solely because of my Literature.
aiks aiks
Know what, LJ, who wrote just a few lines in each paragraph got higher marks than me who wrote more than one page and dengan padat-nya.
How fair is this?!
I wrote a lot but eventually went out of point.
A long essay is not necessarily a good essay.
I truly apprehend this now.

Super irritated by the runny nose that I'm having now. tsk tsk tsk

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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