Thursday, August 6, 2009

JB Trip


Loves taking pics under the sun. Skin looks fairer like 30%!! *indulging in self-delusion

The Crime Prevention Club organized a one day trip to Johor Bahru.
And me, being one of the member, definitely won't be left behind!

Ermmm, this pose is mainly to slim down my over-sized cheeks *roll eyes

Took billions of photos (mostly camwhoring thou) but still!
So....... be prepared ok.

Went with these two sampats

It was so shaky in the bus as we sat at the last row. This explains most of the blurry photos.

I really have no idea what were they doing! Another obscene picture appeared in my blog! heck

WL said she likes this photo of her with a sharp face haha. So i shall just upload it anyway :)

1st Destination : Hospital Permai
Hospital Permai is a hospital specially for psychiatric patients, located at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
First we were given a brief talk on the hospital, how it functions etc etc. Did not pay much attention anyway because I was so duper hungry that time!

The speaker (on the right)

Next, we were brought to visit the wholeeeeeeee hospital which was like so huge. And of course, we saw lots of mental patients, both men and women.
Surprisingly, the patients there turned out to be very friendly, of them even sang song for us, a Malay guy singing chinese songs! And he claimed himself is Jackie. hahaha He meant Jackie Chan perhaps.
But then, some looked very normal to me, they can work and do handicrafts. Ashamedly, I can't even make those nice carpets that they managed to make.

Did not take any pictures there when visiting thou, perhaps was too engrosseddddd? hee
Oh yeah, one :

From left : {Fiona | LJ | WL | YanTong | Ee Ling }
p/s ; sorry ah, us again. hahaha seriously forgotten to take those wards' pictures -_-

Then that's the end of our supposed-to-be-"Lawatan Sambil Belajar".
. . .

2nd Destination : Tebrau City Jaya Jusco

Had lunch at Izuchi Ramen (not sure if the name's correct)

Japanese Fried Rice Set, kids nowadays are so blessed right?

The blessed kids ! Lol
I like this picture cuz the poster above us like posing with us too! hahaaaaa

Then.... shopped for a few hours then back homeeeeeeeeee.

Hm, like a day was just wasted like that, but then filled with laughters cuz I'M AROUND.

Oh yeah, forgotten to complain about something, MISS FELICIA BHASKRAN whom was supposed to go with me and sit together with me in the bus, told me last minute that she's not gonna go for the trip. SIGH. How disappointed can?! T__________T
But I'm forgiving one, hmph.

Fiona Liang and Tan Yan Tong kid-ing.

Last but not least, a video of Jay Chou Mok Meng
exclusively broadcasted at The Juicy Blog

p/s : I was laughing so hard while recording this and have to use one hand to cover my mouth and the other to hold my phone. HAHAHAHAHA. I was resisting my laughter so hardddd you know. It's so crazily hilarious if you watch it live !! =D

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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