Sunday, August 9, 2009

H1N1 death toll in Msia reached 26!!

I love how baby Lion sleeps this way.
Okay, I'm the one who put the pillow on him like that ;)

After weeks and weeks of bathing under the sun
and my hands are now tanned again :(, despite trying soo hard to make myself fair again after stupid Sports Day,

I've passed my driving test! on 5th August '09

thou I intended this in early April, but then....lots of stuff came in so.
You won't know how nervous I was when I saw the penguji all with sunglasses on.
When I was driving on the road, my hands were like half-trembling, so embarrassing but then eventually managed to curb it and yeahhhhhhhhhhs =D

Hazy days are here again and I hate it. Eye and nose-irritation. The rain did not help to clear the haze either. No more nice fresh air for mummy's morning exercise. No more fresh air for me to walk Lion in the evening. Really wonder how people can be so selfish and unscrupulous. Owh, my poor lungs.

Influenza A(H1N1) is getting serious. The death toll in Malaysia has reached 26!
Oh my, I don't believe it.
My blog is going to be on a hiatus. So readers, don't go away!! I'll be back real soon, my miserably pathetic number of readers. I'm just losing inspirations to blog, like I said in my previous posts, SIGH. But I shall constantly be on Twitter! So follow me on Twitter if you have. Click this.

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ABEL said...

haha i m stepping on ur juicy ground
tasty man haha
twitter is a mini blog
i will follow u........

Fiona Liang said...

hahahaha thank you ahh!