Friday, September 11, 2009


Examinations, tensions pressurizing my body and mind.
Physics HAIH
Not easy, but easier than I had expected.
I was still thinking it was okay,
but only untill now, I realized I made a big mistake!!!
More than 10 marks definitely gone!! *dejected

I'm not going to be sad anymore.
I did not really study for Physics
only last night studied till 2 a.m
Serves me right!!
Last-minute-work never works.
I'll be good next time
I hope.
Alright, time for a :)

Anyway, today movie session for stress-releasing purpose.
As usual, with the two bffs :


Watched the movie : WHERE GOT GHOST

Basically, it's a Singapore movie, Jack Neo's (Liang Zhi Qiang) production. I thank God that my surname is Liang (as in English) but not Neo. Fiona Neo sounds kinda weird, at least to me. No offence to other Neos out there. Peace.

Hm back to that, WHERE GOT GHOST is kinda uhh, not really a good movie but had a good laugh. Hahaha. By the way, it's a hor-medy and that is what makes it unique. haha horror, hm not really scary thou. But most of time during that 2 hour-show I was covering my face and ears with both my hands and cardigan. And I gave a few shrieks, because of the...sound effect. Not that I really watched hahaha. When I sense that the horror part is approaching, I faster grabbed my cardigan or popcorn =.=

I suggested to get out of the cinema like after an hour, but the two of them stopped me :( And I spent the next hour scaring myself. Hahaha!

The uncle sitting behind us was like yawning and yawning away during those horror parts. Ish, annoying betul. You know, those yawns with loud sounds. Annoying !! Where are the good mannered Malaysians? xD

When reached home, received a msg from the infamous Babito aka Cho :
"Don look behind of ur legs. Ada hantu."
Grrr annoying case no.2!! For a moment, I started to imagine things. hahaha

Alright, back to the rational me.

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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