Thursday, September 10, 2009


Let me share a cool video with you guys which I just came across on Youtube.
Err, well, before you play it, you're advised to STAND while watching it.
So, stand up you lazy bum.
If you're just too lazy, then forget about it-lah.
Ok? Ready? Then you play it.

Hahaha. Aint this cool and so onemalaysiaish?? :)
Like the last part there, where a Chinese speaks Tamil while an Indian speaks Mandarin. So so cute!! The security guards looked so patriotic =D

Seriously, I felt more like 1Malaysian watching this than hearing Najib shouting

Cute kids though

Okay, I gotta go study Physics!!
Frankly, I dread and am scared of Physics :((((((((((
I have no affinity with machines and magnets and ahhh pressure =.=''
Wish me luck.


♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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