Friday, December 4, 2009

Another emo post. hm not really.

Yeah. It's another emo post. I should have blogged about this a few days back, but I was too emo that I chose to wallow in self pity, not eating, let alone blogging! Ok well, I'm just bluffing about that not eating part. haha!

My accounts! I screwed my PA paper *cries. The question is kinda hard in the first place, combined with my nervous-ness (cuz my correction tape used up half way. imagine that!) , so I can pretty well predict my results liao. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm so so ... so... *unspeakable feeling of disappointment

I was so angry with myself and still. *depressed

But I'm still hoping that it's still okay lah, despite the mess that i've made. Ah, I think am too positive liao! huhuhuhu =(

Anyway, my emoness seem to have subside after taking Physics, which cheer me up a bit. No, I did not do VERY well, am not sure if I've screwed my paper 2 essays Lol. At least, much better than PA. Gahhh i'm not gonna talk bout accounts anymore. T.T *cries

Ok, the battle is coming to an end. Last paper will be CHEMISTRY!!
But i've not been studying, couldn't get myself back into the study mood. Uh oh. I seriously have to get it started! Procrastination bugs are coming back to me. Shoo!!

These four days will be the longest four days that I have to spend in my life. It just feels like 4 years. =x

So people, DO YOUR BEST!!!

I can't wait i can't wait i can't wait for 8th of Dec to come <3>Photobucket

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