Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My heart was like pomppomppomp

I need somewhere to write and I reckon this is the place. There's still an unspeakable discomfort in both my body and mind since taking Addmaths. Sounds funny, but you can't imagine my nervousness just now!!

My most favouritest subject! How can you do this to me! Ok It was plainly my very own fault.

What the. Paper 1 was easy, and paper 2 !$!#%#@$!%, to the extent that I was still doing when the ketua pengawas had already announced that the time was up. It was insane. It was entirely my own fault. I was like, lenggang-lengguk when doing Section A cuz the first few questions were easy, and I reckoned it was as easy as paper 1. I was thinking and trying hard to analyze a two-marks-only-question, (and I spent a lot of time just thinking bout it!) just then I realised that time was really running out. I knew I was going to be in trouble.

I rushed Section B, rushed Section C just like the...hurricane! had to think fast, write fast, and be careful as well, can you imagine that. My brain was like, "omgomg spm leh, Fiona Liang you shouldn't be doing this..." But I was left with no choice.

While doing Section A, there's a song kept playing in my head : Poker Face. Lady Gaga kept, po-po-po-popopopopo-kerr face. So frustrated ok!! I know why, because before I left house in the afternoon, I watched a show playing poker face. Regret!!! :(

I was fidgeting real uneasily in my seat. When the ketua pengawas announced that the time left was 10mins, my hands were trembling. I couldn;t even press my calculator properly. I couldn't even write properly. I struggled to finish the last 2-marks-only question. I wanted to do extra questions like I always do, but time did not allow me to do so. Sad!! :(

Whooooosh and now the invigilators were going round collecting papers. I was there struggling to tie my papers. Why? Because my hands were trembling like kena Parkinson's. Then the one of the invigilators eventually reached my table, waiting for me to tie up my papers. But...I just couldn;t. My hands were shaking!! It was so awkward. Seeing me unable to tie my papers properly myself, he was kind enough and offered to help. He even asked me to relaks releks.. Hahahaha thank you so much!! I was so paiseh.

I thank God I managed to complete it. Now I pray for the best, no careless mistakes and that'd be fine I guess. :) *big sigh of relief

♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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