Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Actually I've drafted my December Sarawak trip in my mind! I had so many things to blog about!

But now my mind is in a blank.

I've lost my wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the!

I knew something is going to be lost, but why my wallet?!!! T^T

In Kuching I had already got my way lost but thanks to God I managed to find my way back to town safely. I've got poor sense of direction. !$!%!#~@%

OMG why am I so blur everytime. It must have been some stupid pickpocket. Whoever you are out there I hope you fall down every 5 steps you make, diarrhoea 10 times a day, get choked even when you're eating toufu, and and...................I can't think of anything else.

Next time I have to buy those wallets that can be hung around my neck =.=

I hope some kind souls saw my wallet (maybe I dropped it somewhere) and saw my IC and send it back to my address. I hope in the next three days I'll receive my wallet!!! Miracles lor if like that!

very down lah.




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