Friday, February 26, 2010

Heya! A belated birthday post.

Heya! I've decided to blog since I've nothing to do now, no where to go, no movies to watch, cny is going to end, february is going to end soon too and my blog is going to Die if it carries on like this!

so here it goes.

When the clock struck 12 on the 13th of Feb 2010, I celebrated my 18th birthday. Sigh i'm legal liao. How come so fast!

Sigh. Officially 18.

I didn't expect a celebration that night at all. Wi Lian called me out of sudden and said that she's going to show me my present that they had made especially for me.

This is it.

which took lots and heaps of effort and sweat and tears and laughter and LOVE. lol

Basically, it's like a err, storybook, with me titled 'Princess Fiona' HAHAHAHA paiseh-nye. Then with all my stories inside, and with all their opinions and moments that we've spent together and all that girly things lah, geddit?? hahaha

And yeah, since it was made with lots of effort, sweat, tears etc took me so hard to hold back my tears when reading page after page. DAMN TOUCHED!!! *cries why do i have such good friends T___T

To know the contents, you can go to Wi Lian's blog. :)

This is the piece of cake WL's mum bought for me. Thanks so muchhhhhhhh Auntie! so sweeet of u hehe! I hope u read my blog :) It was just a small celebration at first as LuJing couldnt make it there and I've decided for a later celebration.

Never did I expect hahaha my mum and sister came with a bigger cake!! But they did not appear at first, they handed the cake to one of the workers there and he came over and said this is for Fiona. Aww, that feeling of surprise is great! And I knew it must be them, mum and sis. hahaha THANKIEWS!!!! *sobs


Thanks Sis hahaha. I complaint you din give me any present and you went to plan a surprise lah! hahaha!

THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR FRIENDS especially WI LIAN, LU JING, FELICIA, JARREN and ANDREW!!!! thankiewwwwwws. This 18th birthday of mine had turned out to be a great and a very memorable one!!! hohoohoo. love you all !!

And thanks to you people who gave me ur wishes through SMS and FACEBOOK. thank you thank you.

Seriously duno how to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to u people la so i might as well stop thanking or it is gonna sound annoying. 0.o


♥something extraordinary by someone ordinary♥

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