Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey peeps, Im leaving!

Hey people, Im finally back to blogging, but not for long I guess. I even forgotten my blogger password and had to try several times for my password just now.

I'm leaving Batu Pahat tomorrow to Tangkak to undergo Matriculation! My previous post was titled 'Leaving' too. Oh, so apparently I'd only remember my blog when I'm leaving eh? ahahhas. I'd very much like to blog about my Korea trip..but.....time doesn't allow me. When I went that time, it was early spring.. I'm afraid it will be summer when I finally blog about my trip. HAHA. Bear with me.

SIGH. So gonna miss my friends here, so gonna miss the time we had together. Hanging out, movies, yumcha whenever we wanted to. oh-so-nice lah. But still, being students, we have to do what we ought to do. Everything has a limit, and so I finally reach my limit. Four months of holiday, is more than enough la. My brain is turning rusty *oops

Goodbye my friends! Miss me. haha! Oh, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. I shall end this post with a picha of my mom.

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