Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank God

Hey, I'm back in BP! Home schweeet home! :D I sneaked back yesterday actually. We aren't allowed to go back this weekend, only outing for guys yesterday and today, our girls' turns. But well, I came back yesterday and have to be back today by 6.30 pm. Wheeee, so nice sleeping on my bed yesterday night! Most comfy night ever! loves!

Um, I've been in KMJ for 2 weeks. Wow, applause for myself, for I've survived staying in this hostel for freaking two weeks. The hostel is not in thattttttt bad condition, but well, it's still ugh, especially the toilets. And the cafeteria, it is always fulllllll of flies. I've never seen so many flies and this is the first time in my entire life -_-"" aih aih You won't be able to imagine that. seriously.

However, the mostest bestest thing I get from KMJ is... friends! We've only known each other for 2 weeks, but yea, we feel like we've known for ages. Probably because we meet 24/7, haha, no la, we only don't meet when we bathe and sleep -_-"" We share almost everything lor, ehem ehem and I learnt a lot of things from you people ehem ehem EHEM! hahaha...

JPA results had been released last Friday..the long awaited one. And I thank God I'm chosen :) :)
Medicine, Twinning Programme in IMU, the one I've been hoping for! Oh Lord, thank you ;D
Can't believe my dream is now a reality, tytytyty. aaaaah. What a great relief. My hands were trembling when I was typing my IC number and password into the jpa website. Heart was thumping like what! Thank God =)

And now I'm kinda reluctant to leave you guys, especially Veronica, Vivian and Annabella. And Veronica sent me a very touching message last night. and Vivian cried. Ah. How did we build this friendship in just 14 days? Fate. hahahaha.. and my practiKum H4T30, which I enjoy quite a lot. Ok fine..will leave this post till another day. I'm going to pack some stuff and going back to KMJ later. hahahaa!

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