Thursday, June 24, 2010

I couldn't stand this anymore

YES! I really couldn't stand this ANYMORE!

You know what. You are really so so so annoying. so kacau. so disturbing!!!

Disturbed me when I'm sleeping. when I'm using my lappie. when I'm playing Unblock Me. when I'm eating. when I'm doing nothing too! I'm feeling soooooooo uncomfortable scratching here and there -_-"

Stupid mosquitoes.

I seriously don't know where did they come from. Fogging was useless. Mopiko doesn't help. Rekito was even worse. And few of my neighbours were already down with dengue fever. Zomg! My life is in danger!

But then I can't wrap myself up like a mommy 24/7 and I can't possibly be physically active 24/7 neither!

Sighs. and grumbling here, is also, another useless thing to do.

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