Thursday, June 24, 2010

One day in KLIA

Suddenly browsed through these two photos in my phone and decided to blog about it. hahaha

Last week, I went to KLIA and I saw a team of TV crews shooting a film (no idea what drama or movie is that thou) :)


Shooting film at the moving walkway, or you call it flat escalator. I saw them styling the actor's hair and all. The actor was quite leng zai..nyehehe..

I was expecting some action scene or a kissing scene (perhaps? you know, when parting at the airport...muahaha!!)

But then! When the director shouted, "Camera's rolling, action!", the leng zai actor starts to walk on the flat escalator while pulling a luggage......................."Cut!" ...

ze end. wth

Somemore not just one shot ok, took a few shots just for this simple scene... lol...

And so, I walked away and went home, feeling tired but happy wth. hahahaha typical ending of a pmr essay :p

Oh yea, I took a picture of the actor.


The one circled in red mrgreen

The pictures are all so blurry cuz the people there don't allow to take pictures one. But many took anyway.razz

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