Monday, June 28, 2010

Too lazy to think of a title

Waking up this morning with disappointment, knowing that my gums still hurt and my cheek is still a little swollen. ouch.

These few days I've been hoping that the next morning I can feel normal back and face resumes to its original size cry

But sadly, today is the fourth day, and I'm still feeling painful and my cheeks are still puffy wth. Or maybe I'm a little impatient, but I couldn't help it. I'm afraid I couldn't enter college in time, I donwanna go to school with puffy cheeks on the first day and couldn't speak properly =x

Not just that, I have a whole stack of docs to be certified and signed by the Pengetua, actually wanted to go last week, but SO COINCIDENTALLY the Pengetua has just been changed! and the cop is not ready yet *roll eyes...

and and and.. I want to go shopping and hang out with my bff for the last week of my existence is bp wth. No la, I might will come back, but anyway must play gao gao with my bestest fren onglujing mah. I'm gonna miss you so! *sobs.. But I'm quite sure she wouldn't read this cuz she practically doesn't read my blog posts and just see pictures wth -_-" U see la, if she doesn't leave comments after this, then my deduction is verified. 0.o

Ahhhhh. hope to be able to get well soon! :)))

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