Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a terrifying ordeal

Done with my oral surgery lol!

Overall, it's a very very terrifying experience!

My x-ray showed that my two wisdom teeth are seriously impacted and must be taken out, or else they will exert unnecessary pressure on my lower jaw and thus disrupt the orderly arrangement of the teeth, and will also cause tooth decay! *swts

The whole process took around 3 hours. At first, I'm injected with anaesthetic. 6 JABS mind you!!!!

Then my face is all covered up with cloth, left my nose and mouth. Then the doctor starts operating... all the drillings and I can feel the immense pressure......... and the sound of tooth being cut into pieces eek

And now my face is swollen wth confused

2 times chubbier HAHahahahaha..

And yesterday night I didn't sleep a wink, the right gum couldnt stop bleeding T_____Tcry

Scared the hell out of me. Kept spitting out blood clot O.o

Couldn't eat, can only nibble like a rabbit mad So all I ate these 2 days was porridge........T.T

And I diarrhoea this morningggggggggggggg.....probably ate too much nyonya food in malacca before surgery. LOL.


Muahaha! :)

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