Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My bestie #2

had fun in Muar today, with my bestie #2

Muar is definitely a place to get inexpensive nice food =)

Guess what, besides food. it's still food. food and food.

Had my stomach almost bursting, but, I still want to eat =p

And the company, is all that matters. We still have so much to talk, so much to share, and so much misses for each other though we have not only met for like, not even a week?

Oh but please don't be mistaken sillies. I'm not a lesbian. Completely normal. hah..

Thank God it had been another greatttttttttt day :)

and sigh, it could have been perfect if.... . hm. but neways, I'm not that perturbed with it surprisingly, so yeah, Im cool :) it's a personal thing, so forget bout it if you dont get what im saying here. lol :)


voyager-yeexin said...

Hey i noe the restraunt u went!!
ahahhahaha!!xi yan lou!!

Fiona Liang said...

huh?? hahahahha which one?

voyager-yeexin said...

=.= fiona liang makan thn tak tau mana restoren tu ..!!ahaha!!
the seafood restraunt!!!

Fiona Liang said...

HAHA. i see i see :)