Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my bestie.

Everything's good today :)
Shopped around in Summit, a place I'd not gone for ages due to the existence of better malls in beepee! =P
but then, it's still as good as ever lah.
Both of us got a pair of sneakers each, whee :)
And had good dessert in Kinyubi, aww, how i missed that place when I was back in SA!

but one thing, I was super annoyed when this girl kept asking me whether her face is red. She never put on blusher and she was disturbed having red cheeks, swt. I guess that's a good thing what, no? :)

Anyway, good day :)

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Jvlyn said...

Hahaha, does this count as annoying? XD Don lah wey. Your pai wo more annoying.