Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shah Alam.

Ouh, this feeling sucks. I've to wake up super early tmw morning, as early as 4am, before I set off around 5 in the morning. I have to be on time for my 10am class. And not to forget cleaning and unpacking all the stuff :( Don ask me why Im only going back tmrw morning, cuz I have answered this question the 100th time. Oh well.. this is because, my room door was locked, unintentionally. By who? I've no idea. And we (my roommate and I) don't have the keys, and we memang don have the key one, the authorities won't give our room keys to us students, don ask me why, cuz' clearly I have no idea too! All we have is the house key. Lol.. So we have to rush back tmr morning, and go to the office and take the key and unlock our room.

I guess I should sleep soon. Without an eight hour sleep, I'm going to feel and maybe look like a zombie in class tmrw, but seems like it's impossible to have adequate sleep nao. Sorry mom to have u fetch me back so early in the morning =(

Bye Lion dear!

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voyager-yeexin said...

faster go unlock the DOOR!
i noe u ans more thn 100 times liao!!>< wahahaha!! chia you lah ya!!