Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad :)

Packing my stuff. Clothes, books and all. Sigh, im guess im having a bit of erm, back-to-intec blues. It's not like im having homesick or what, cuz i know i'll and could be back anytime soon. The thought of going back to the hectic and stressful life scares me. Yes, it's stressful there, hopefully I'll get used to it soon. And heck, all test papers will be given back after this, sighhhh. Strings of disappointment most prolly. another big sigh. Emo. donch want go back! :( Hey, i cant be like a child throwing fits, face the reality. haha. After all, I'M NOT ALONE =) Oh yea, maybe i should look at the bright side, I'll be meeting fiona and all my classmates soon ;)

And today's Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy :) Same age as Malaysia. haha..
and amazingly, Dad shares the exact same birthday as my bff's Dad, as in same year, month and day. Time, I'm not sure though :)

He's a man of few words. In fact, way too few. hah.. Dad, hopefully things will turn better for you soon. I'll still be praying hard :)


voyager-yeexin said...

Fiona liang chia you oh!ah wen!work hard!aha!
this is my last week in MALAYSIA!!
i gonna miss u all!miss my family n miss those warmth at home!
no more laziness for us ..TT

Fiona Liang said...

Aw, yeahh :( let's work hard together alright? :) :) hee..

voyager-yeexin said...

i m posting the blog post wif ur drawing!!wahaha!!