Saturday, September 18, 2010

hols ending.

Oh Jeez, I've got 2 days left here!

The long-awaited two weeks break is going to be over in the blink of an eye. Can you actually believe it? But nah, im not complaining or what, im actually much more fortunate compared to those who got only 1 week break, or worse, only freaking five days for the KMJ-rians. So, im thankful enough for that ;) And yeah btw, KMJ-rians, I miss you guys a lot, freaking much, and I really meant it! Sigh. Things would be so much different and awesome in Shah Alam if you guys were there... lol ;p

So yeah, it's already 18th today, and looking down at my to-do list, um, not bad, at least most of my works had been done. Just left a few which I guess I shall only do when college resumes :)

Bye Dad! Bye Mom!

and Bye Lion! I'll miss you heaps darling. sigh

but not too bad though, coming back again in two weeks time! Cuz the sister will be back!!!! Omg, Im so excited thinking of that. Can't wait to meet her ;)

ciao peeps, safe journey back to ur respective ummm, "second home" (:

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voyager-yeexin said...

aha! good lahR!
aha! yeexin is gg to leave u all TT