Saturday, May 24, 2008

New face=)

New! new! new!

New face for my blog again!=) Black and pink. But still butterflies=p. I love butterflies but not in real life. They look elegant in pix, but pests in real life. haha. They're harmless, I know..but I just don't like INSECTS, ok?! hrmph! hahahaha

Anyway, love simple pink. okok. Till here. Going to kl tomorrow. *woot* yeayea, I'm not going to spore as planned. Nevermind! I think KL is moremore fun! haha. I'll blog for my kl trip IF it's interesting. goodnites~.


1 comment:

idiotic said...

nice layout`hahas..eii,i think u r scared of insects la..nt dun like..wahhass`