Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My pinky is short! 0.o

HEY! I'm superduperhyperkilomegagigatera BOREDDDDDD! I have this kind of superduperhyper.... boringness every school holidays. But during schooldays, I can't wait for holidays to come. Stupid. How nice if I could go on a vacation now(: .

I can't believe I will be seventeen in 2 months & 2 days, I can't believe I'm sitting for SPM NEXT year man, I can't believe I'm gonna be driving soon, can't believe can't believe. Hey, note those bold words...heheheee.
What? Can't understand?

OK, let me be straightforward, my birthday falls on 13th February!! :D remember ahh ``

And yea, I found out that my pinky or lil finger is uniquely shorter than normal human beings'! Shorter approximately 2-2.5 cm. See!

Mine the left one, and LuJing's the right one.
And this !

Mine the left one, Stella's the right one.

And too shorter than other people, maybe there's someone whose pinky is shorter than mine, just that I haven't met him/her. So, if your pinky is shorter than 4 cm, email me. haha! (:

♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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