Saturday, January 24, 2009


hello hello friends. Chinese new year is finally here which I've been anticipating for weeks! I enjoy cny much muchie more than other festive seasons and also Christmas, because there's just too much fun! See, every family members of mine getting back from faraway lands other states including Sarawak. It's kinda nice to see how much some of them have changed, well physically.

Cny is fun cuz' I can wear new clothesssssss!! tiramisucheesious:D My family is kinda traditional, and my mum said we have to wear everything new from head to toe on the first day of cny, including underwear.Lollllls..isn't that nice? (:

I can't wait for tomorrow's reunion dinner! I can now see those yummy-delicious-appetizing-mouth-watering food already...*drools* awwwwwwww.. So, behold..there will be nice-nice home-cooked dishes' pics coming up. :DD

Oh yea! My house is now filled with baked cookies!! from friends and relatives. Ranging from chocolate chips cookies, butter cookies, peanut cookies, choc almond cookies, seaweed cookies and lots lots more=DD These are the culprits that made me gain weight, yet i can't resistttt~* :D Aww...

I'm glad I'm still seventeen, so I'm still qualified to get AngPows! I think angpow is what every young people is anticipating for cny without excluding me:)

Here, I wish each and everyone of my friends here,
i'm sooo excited!!
♥live as you were to die tomorrow♥

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