Friday, September 18, 2009

How well do you know Fiona Liang?

Yesterday I did a "How well do you know Fiona Liang"'s quiz @Facebook, to see how many friends of mine really know me. Ah surprisingly and dejectedly, nobody got 100%!! *gasp. Is it so hard? I thought the questions were not difficult mah. Geeez. Some of the questions are like 'Where was I born?', 'What type of flowers do I like', 'When's my birthday' and etc etc.

I couldn't tolerate Lu Jing and Wi Lian who couldn't get full marks for my quiz!! Friends for like a decade. Aiks. By the way, I'm happy that many of my acquaintances managed to get good marks thou. hahaha good at guessing, eh?

Ahahaha. So here are the yesterday's quiz takers :

Thanks ya'all for spending that lil bit of time to do it. muahaha

Click here to go to my quiz and do it for those who haven't!! =D

Good day friends :)

p/s : OMGeez! Somebody just scored 100 for it!!
She's just a classmate of mine but not close that kind. *wow*
Did you secretly check on me? JUST KIDDING!! peace.

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