Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It has been some time since I last updated my blog. lol. Was busy with hospital exposure in Hospital Batu Pahat and preparation for JPA interview. Hospital exposure was totally fun!! hahahaha..

JPA interview. Lol, totally not much chance for me to express myself. Cuz I was like, kena asked 2 or 3 questions only, then 'Good luck and all the best for all of you'. Swt. But lucky, all the interviewers are very friendly and kind! So don't worry la, future-interviewees. For those going for the interview, maybe you would wanna hear how was my interview like.

So here it goes :

First thing to do : Greet your interviewers.

1. Self-introduction
(might be in BM or BI, depends on the interviewers)
Mine in BM #$%#^&%##!@!@ Why lah!! *sad

2. Group discussion
Q : Discuss the impact of global warming on the nation's health and sosioeconomic situation.
Yeah, supposed to be group discussion, like how other groups did. But mine nope. They asked us to write down our points individually and then express out your opinions. Lol... so it was like public speaking lor *sigh

3. Would you return to Malaysia to work after you've graduated?
You know how to answer lah. Never say never unless you're really...lol.

4. no more liao.




Yeah lor, seriously. Like that only. Phewwwwwwwwwww. If you got Panel 2, you're in luck! hahahahas. But one bad thing is, little chance to express. But, depends on individuals lah. Hee heee.

Lujing finally came back from NS last Sunday! Thought of meeting her yesterday night. But phew. Didnt have the chance. LOL. huhuhuhu.

SO, take care ya ong lulu. Looking forward to see you next semester break! Bye!xD


Rosemount said...

What is JPA?

By the way, I spent time reading few of your posts, like your words :)

Fiona Liang said...

JPA is our Public Service Department :) Thanks a lot Rosemount :D