Friday, October 15, 2010

Too much, too less.

Seemingly it's not that a nice weekend considering i'll be stuck here, in Shah Alam. It's usually not that hard though, perhaps the frequent trips back home for the past few weeks made me yearn so much more for the comfort at home. Le sigh :( Was feeling pretty down just now, and maybe a bit sulky, cant even get my eyes on the biology book in front of me. Perhaps this is the so called weekend blues? heh.. Wanted to destress with badminton, but no shuttlecocks :( Sien much.

But hahahahaha, im alrite again! Restored a bit of my sanity after a good nap and shower (:

Coming up next week : Biology test, report, Stats test, Ethics presentation, demonstrative speech.

Biology is the killer. I doubt i can do better than the previous one this time. Arghhh. But never try never know.

Cut the crap and get on ur work Fiona.

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voyager-yeexin said...

back to blog!back to commment! miss u lar!!